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More Options for Gazelle Insecticide

Growers now have more options for the application of the foliar insecticide Gazelle SG (acetamiprid) to crops of outdoor and protected salad crops.

It follows the granting of a new specific off-label approval (SOLA) by the Pesticides Safety Directorate that allows growers to apply two applications of Gazelle SG per crop, replacing an off-label which previously only allowed two applications per year.

The SOLA applies to lettuce, frise, lambs lettuce, radicchio, scarole, parsley, rocket and baby leaf brassicas.

“The old SOLA was restrictive since growers usually have three or four crops per year and even more under protection,” explains Certis’ technical officer Alan Horgan. “It meant that hard strategic decisions had to be made as to when Gazelle SG was used. The new approval will give growers more flexibility and allow them to benefit from the usefulness of Gazelle SG throughout the season.”

Gazelle SG provides control of aphids (Myzus persicae and Nasonovia ribisnigri) and can be used through the winter period, where it has shown good efficacy at low temperatures. A further benefit is that the active ingredient (acetamiprid) has both contact and translaminar activity, as well being systemic. This three-way action means the product is not reliant on moisture uptake through the root system so maintains activity during dry periods when other insecticides may be less effective.

Gazelle SG belongs to the neonicotinoid group of insecticides and the off-label states that only two foliar applications of products from this group can be used per crop as part of an anti-resistance strategy.

However, two applications of Gazelle SG are still permitted following a neonicotinoid insecticide seed or module treatment, but only if an insecticide from a different group is used before the foliar application is applied.

“In outdoor situations, Decis Protech (deltamethrin) may be an appropriate treatment following a neonicotinoid seed/module treatment whereas Majestik would be appropriate for crops under protection,” comments Alan.

For more information contact Alan Horgan of Certis on 01980 676501

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